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Commercial Manager

Core Skill:
Project Management
Salary Details:
Experience dependant
Advertising End Date:
30 Mar 2018
Vacancy Type:
Job Description:
Role overview

As a Commercial Manager your role will be responsible for the timely delivery of commercial management to support the delivery of projects within Edinburgh Airport Limited.  You will be responsible for the delivery of initial budgets, options stage budget cost plans to support business decision making and detailed construction cost plans which will include benchmarking and a detailed risk analysis (cost).

Throughout the Edinburgh Airport toll gate process you will support the project delivery team providing estimates and advice at each stage to maximize value from the project.  You will also be responsible for preparing and coordinating tenders for projects.  This will involve the preparation of the tender documents such as the bills of quantities and the coordination of appropriate drawings and specifications for tender issue and the final tender appraisal (in conjunction with the Development Manager/Project Manager).

Principal accountabilities & responsibilities

  • The delivery of timely commercial management to support project delivery
    • Coordinate and provide supporting documentation to allow for business decision making
  • Development of budgets to support capital planning at each stage in the project lifecycle
    • Assessment of outline scope in order to develop initial budgets for capital planning, providing a clearly auditable list of qualifications/assumptions to support budgets
  • Development and co-ordination of timely tender activities aligned with the needs of project schedules
    • Preparation of all tender documentation, including the coordination of appropriate supporting documentation to effectively manage a tender from start to end – including the preparation of a full tender evaluation
  • Preparation and coordination of contract administration
    • The timely execution of appropriate contract administration to support the successful delivery of projects
  • Delivery of timely cost management throughout the duration of the project
    • Lead effective cost management by ensuring appropriate risk management, change control, application of appropriate project controls, preparation and coordination of final accounts etc.
Qualifications and Experience:
  • Post holders are required to hold as a minimum a BSc Quantity Surveying
  • Member Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience within their discipline

    Framework and boundaries

  • Be responsible for the development and coordination of initial budget, options and construction decision cost plans to support business decision making
  • Require leadership to support the wider Project Delivery Team on multiple projects as well as support those delivering more complex business critical projects
  • Interface with external design consultants and 3rd parties to ensure the coordination of all project commercial activities.
  • Positively influence and constructively challenge the design team to ensure the best solutions are delivered aligned with the commercial objectives for the project.
  • Day to day commercial management of a project, supporting the Development Manager/Project Manager(s) to ensure the appropriate project controls are in place i.e. EWN, PMI’s, CCRS etc.
  • Understand and work within an established budget
  • Understand the context of the revenue (operational expenditure) and budget constraints around the project(s).

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