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Software Engineer - Full Stack

Core Skill:
Digital/Software Engineer
Salary Details:
Between £35,000 to £45,000 depending on experience
25 Oct 2021
Vacancy Type:
Job Description:

Role Overview:

This is a key role in supporting Edinburgh Airport’s Commercial aim for Growth through Choice.

The Full Stack Software Engineer will be a key member of Edinburgh Airport’s Digital team - a team that has a mandate to change every interaction with the airport using online channels, technology, and innovation.

The Digital Team reports directly to senior management and has the freedom to rapidly develop and test without the usual bureaucracy and process. We’re not scared to fail so long as we learn how to succeed the next time, and we have a bias for action. Our success is measured by income and passenger satisfaction.

Our tech stack includes (but is not limited to) JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js & React.js), Python, Docker, MySQL, Firebase and Google Cloud.

Principal responsibilities

  • Develop functionality for Edinburgh Airport’s digital products and maintain and the existing web applications
  • Work on the entire stack with a focus on Frontend engineering
  • Deliver using agile methodologies
  • Solve complex technical challenges by applying engineering best practices to produce new and innovative digital solutions
Qualifications and Experience:

Qualifications and experience

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, with experience in Node.js on the backend, and modern Frontend frameworks (such as React, Angular or Vue)
  • Hands on experience with Docker, Google Cloud (GCP), CI/CD for deploying services to the cloud
  • Strong understanding of engineering best practices, such as testing and security
  • Understanding of, and the ability to design secure and reliable APIs

Bonus points

  • Ability to work with data pipelines using Python
  • Experience with ecommerce and online payments (we use Stripe)
  • Experience with Next.js
  • Experience building apps with React Native

Framework and boundaries

This is a key role within the Digital and commercial teams, with opportunities to make a difference to the revenues and customer experience at Edinburgh Airport.