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Susan Clark

Aviation Security Officer

We asked Susan a few questions on her previous employment history and what it's like to work at Edinbugh Airport in her role.

What did you do prior to joining Edinburgh Airport?

I worked for a security company supervising guards on building sites and at events i.e. football/rugby matches.

What attracted you to the role?

My brothers were working in security at the airport. When they spoke about their role it sounded interesting and was well paid. After nearly 9 years I'm still here and enjoying my job.

Do you receive much training?

There is an initial two week training period consisting of both written and practical training. Assessments are undertaken throughout with a final written exam and practical.

Once live in the job you receive frequent computer based training to assess your x-ray ability and annual refresher training. You are always learning and developing as the rules and procedures change so you need to keep abreast of the changes.

What are the responsibilities of a security officer?

Keeping the airport and its passengers safe. Making sure you are compliant in all aspects of your job, whilst providing excellent customer service.

What qualities are the most beneficial?

Patience is a must as some passengers aren't always aware of the security procedures in place. Having great communication and customer service skills.

What advice would you give for potential new recruits?

It's a very demanding job, but also very rewarding. You have to be prepared to work various shifts and also be a team player.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Edinburgh Airport?

It's a great place to work, you get a great salary, free uniform, free staff car parking and opportunity to join the Stakeholder Pension Scheme. There are also opportunities to further your career within the security department and other departments across the campus.

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